The Hidden Carbs Sabotaging Your Ketosis

The Hidden Carbs Sabotaging Your Ketosis

To make sure you’re where you’re want to be, these are the five most over looks carb sources you might not be aware you’re eating.
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Carbs are sneaky. They love nothing better than to lurk in the shadows, pretending not to be present. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on their basic quantities across many foods, inadvertent carb sources prove your summations dead wrong. At the end of each week, the proof of these miscalculations lies with the needle on your body fat readings. You’ll lose a little less than you expected. You may feel a little foggier or have less energy. Even if you’re doing all the right things, carbs can creep onto your plate and derail the best of intentions. To make sure you’re where you’re want to be, these are the five most over looks carb sources you might not be aware you’re eating.


Sauces and condiments

They’re unashamedly loaded with unpronounceable additives that read like a Russian eye chart but are also pumped full of hidden sugars. These sugars are often hidden in the ingredients list so check out the nutrition data on the back of the sauce bottle. You may find that the reason you crave that dry chicken breast is because it’s harbors an ungodly amount of calorific sweeteners.



It’s pure cow juice, so it’s borderline nothing but protein, right? Not quite. A 170g container of Greek yoghurt can have 6g of carbs that you didn’t account for in your plan.  You can get low carb or low sugar yoghurt but that’s an even slipperier slope to go down because they have additives that your body doesn’t know what to do with. Just go full fat with least sugar and check that label or the white stuff could be giving you more of the fast stuff.


Cashews nuts

Nuts seem to embody the ethos of all things keto. High in protein. All natural. Loaded with good fats. And they’ve got that crunch you probably crave. Don’t be fooled because many nuts do harbor plenty of carbs, but cashews are the ones that have as much as 30g per 100g. This means mindlessly having a large handful of nuts will blow you right out of ketosis.



Whether it’s vitamins or sports supplements, they vary considerably in their carb content. This is because many are concentrated versions of vitamins and minerals that can make them potent to the palate. The solution is to add a good dose of sugar which is something worth researching especially if you’re having chewable versions thereof.



They’re another food that at surface level ticks every box and are very healthy for you to boot. Despite being high fiber and high protein they’re also high in carbs so be selective. The smart options are green beans and black soybeans that offer the least carbs but a high nutritional density.


Whether you’re reading the label or researching the food you’re eating, it’s worth double checking everything because an innocent assumption applied over time can derail your progress. Carbs are not your enemy, ignorance about their volumes are so don’t get caught out.

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