Wreak Havok in the gym

American Metabolix has been working on perfecting a pre workout that offers intense, sustained, energy without the jitters. Increasing mental focus, elevating performance and endurance to new levels to produce more lean muscle mass from training output. This is what led to the creation of Havok V2, the most intense pre workout yet from American Metabolix.

Backed by full clinic dosing of each ingredient, Havok Hardcore is NOT for beginners. This is for advanced trainers!

The Ultimate Summer Shred Stack

Kick off your weight loss in high gear with this fat burning duo! Elevate your metabolism while enhancing your energy expenditure so that you can crush any intense workout!

iT is hard and making sure your getting your macros can be even harder. This takes the guess work out of it all and is really nice to make fat bombs with. The flavors is spot on and the egg based protein makes this taste like a real cake batter. You feel like your almost cheating it’s so good.