Tips for Beginner Keto

Tips for Beginner Keto

To help you figure out why you’re not getting the results that everyone else seems to be boasting about on social media, these are the reasons you might fail and how to fix them.

Adopt the keto diet and nothing can stop you. All you need to do if follow it to the letter. It’s proven. Failsafe. Has plenty of foods options you already love. Just make a few slight adaptions to your current way of eating so it becomes keto-friendly, and you’ll be happier, leaner and healthier for it. Except you’re not. As turnkey as the keto diet may seem, it’s open to human error. It’s a system that requires you to take human actions to feed a human mouth. Yep, there’s a good chance things may go wrong. To help you figure out why you’re not getting the results that everyone else seems to be boasting about on social media, these are the reasons you might fail and how to fix them.


Keto Fail No 1: Carbs are secretly infiltrating your diet plan

Don’t mess with keto. It’s strict. Get your calculations wrong and you get that red pen all through your work. There are no participation awards, and this means you need to make sure that carbs make up 5-10% of your daily calories. For most people this means eating roughly 50g of carbs each day, so you need to be hyper vigilant about how these may creep into your mouth.  Keep tabs on what’s in your peanut butter, coleslaw, sauces and condiments, if you’re not losing weight, they’re probably why you’re blowing out. Just like you’d normally change up your food sources when you try a new way of eating, you should also refresh the condiments section of your fridge. There are plenty of equally tasty keto options out there. Flex the credit card and get the right flavor enhancers for the job.


Keto Fail No 2: You’re lacking energy

Everything is about how you feel. If you don’t want to be lethargic with a brain operating at half it’s capacity, don’t eat or eat poor quality nutrition. Just because you’re on keto and bought every processed keto food on the supermarkets diet aisle, doesn’t mean you’re optimizing your nutrient ratios. This will leave your energy supplies dead in the water.  Stick to the whole food options that come from organic sources where the produce quality is high. You’ll be rewarded by feeling your best and be more likely to stick to this way of eating. 


Keto Fail No 3: You’ve got a medical issue.

It’s easy to think that your lack of energy, weight gain and depressive states were down to your life circumstances, poor eating and a lack of exercise. These symptoms may not always be the cause. It’s wise to get yourself checked out by a doctor if you’re eating keto, but not losing weight and still feeling foggy. Medical conditions like depression or thyroid issues can pump the brakes on your progress in a very big way. Get a test and put it to rest so you can move forward.


Keto Fail No 4: You’re not paying attention to calories

Keto is not just about carb ratios. You still need to make sure you’re not overeating even super healthy foods like nut spreads or avocados which can blow out your calorie deficit for the day. Calories and protein still count when you’re eating keto, so pay attention to your levels every day. 


Keto Fail No 5: You’re struggling to sleep

This can be thanks to keto expectations where you assume to be losing a lot of weight but then worry why it’s not happening. Or you could be hungry during the night and are having trouble adjusting to the new calorie intake. Perhaps you’re stressed at work. All of this works to disrupt the health benefits of sleep. When sleep is out of whack, you’re fight a losing battle when it comes to weight loss. Your body is unlikely to comply. Fix the issue. Get a good night’s rest and then jump back on the wagon to make sure you’re ticking all the boxes that could be secretly sabotaging your ability to get to your fighting weight. Keto will get you there. If it doesn’t then you need to trouble shoot, not roll over and play dead.


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