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Fat Burning Stack

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The American Metabolix Fat Burning Stack features our thermogenic fat burner EXILE, and our stimulant free fat burner BANISH. This Fat Burning Stack allows for your body to burn fat 24/7, even while you sleep - allowing fat burning to occur day and night giving you the QUICKEST results possible.

EXILE - Thermogenic Fat Burner

Mobilize your metabolism, incinerate fat, and support your mood with Exile. Whether you’re getting amped up for a workout or just trying to avoid that lousy afternoon crash, our No Crash Technology has your back. Plus, Exile is mega-dosed with essential micronutrients, like vitamins B6 and B12, so you’ll know you’re getting ample mood support. Take Exile as directed on the label, and prepare to elevate your physique and performance goals.


Forgo the jitters with a smooth, clean fat-burning formula: Banish is the stimulant-free fat burning solution ideal for athletes and lifters serious about leaning out. That’s because Banish contains a Metabolic Support Blend scientifically dosed to help block the metabolization of carbs, plus it’s brimming with key mood-boosting micronutrients. Banish comes in vegetarian capsules, so take two in the morning or pre-workout, and know you’re making a choice that’s both health-conscious and propelling you towards your ultimate lean body goals.