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Super C


One of the most important vitamins that our bodies crave, Vitamin C is imperative to our overall health and well-being. Each serving of Super C Formula has 1360mg of Vitamin C partially esterified – a water soluble Vitamin C that is easy for the body to absorb and utilize.
Super C dosage simplifies supplementation; you just need to take one serving daily to reach the correct recommended dosage.  

A natural antioxidant, vitamin C possesses a number of benefits for the body. Antioxidant properties of Vitamin C supports the immune system. It promotes healthy ageing by neutralizing the effect of free radicals that attack our internal and external organs. * In addition, Vitamin C helps to produce collagen, supporting skin health and healthy aging. As a kind of ascorbic acid that plays an important role in the body’s enzyme reactions. While Vitamin C can be ingested by consuming citrus and others food, many people are not able to get enough of it through their diet which is why supplementation is recommended.  

Vitamin D - the 'Sunshine Vitamin' is an essential nutrient that the body creates by converting cholesterol in the body via sunshine. However, today's culture of cubicles, sunscreen, and near-round-the-clock indoor living minimizes our exposure to natural sunlight for the needed period of time for sufficient Vitamin D to form. Supplementing with Super C D3 is an easy way to increase your daily intake of this important nutrient. 

Alternative Vitamin D Source

Lack of exposure to sunlight may reduce Vitamin D levels in the body, especially during winter or in northern climates. Additionally, skin-protecting sunscreen can reduce your body’s ability to meet its daily Vitamin D needs, even during summer. Food is another source of Vitamin D. However, among US adults who obtained Vitamin D from food alone, about 95% had insufficient Vitamin D intake. Super C Vitamin D3 is a smart way to ensure your body gets enough Vitamin D.

Potent Form of Vitamin D, Aids in Neuromuscular Health

Vitamin D3 is a potent and active form of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps your body absorb Calcium. The high-potency source of Vitamin D3 to help maintain neuromuscular health-the combination of the nervous system and the muscles working together.

Zinc is essential to the normal function of many organs and systems within the body including the skeletal, immune, neurological, and endocrine systems. Zinc is a necessary mineral co-factor for hundreds of enzymatic reactions related to protein and carbohydrate metabolism, RNA/DNA synthesis, and intercellular signaling. Zinc is also known to play a critical role in the body's defense against oxidative processes which is helpful for maintenance of healthy aging. 

Combining all 3 sources gives your body a nice synergistic effect on the body to give your immune system a nice boost throughout the year. 



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