The Logan Special
The Logan Special
The Logan Special
The Logan Special

American Metabolix

The Logan Special

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Havok Flavor:Bombsicle

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The supplement industry is oversaturated with products that over promise and under deliver! We’ll make it easy for you with The Logan Special. This stack consists of one of the most top-shelf grade of creatine on the market along with Havok, the most powerful pre-workout we have ever created! With these two you are sure to annihilate any high intensity workout!

For all advanced or experienced athletes this is the concrete combo you have been waiting for. Creatine Mono is key in helping improve the rate at which you build muscle and strength due to its ability to feed energy (ATP) to your muscles. Along with Havok, get the boost and mental focus you need to build lean muscle mass*.

Enhance your performance, build muscle, and shred fat today!*

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