American Metabolix


Our company was founded in 2012 by Jason Duran and Markus Trillsch. It was later acquired by Supplement Group in 2021 and has been shaped into the resilient brand you see today. American Metabolix aims to reach veteran gym junkies and experienced supplement users through hard core and transparent formulation, as well as touch into the niche Keto community through our keto-friendly line of products.

American Metabolix is not for the weak minded as our goal is to help consumers reach their next personal record and push themselves to the limits. We are also proud supporters of our military personnel and the level of expertise they need to keep our country safe. American Metabolix has been an award-winning brand in every category while continuing to remain true to the original mission statement. American Metabolix is now one of the fastest growing premium supplement companies in the world sold at GNC, Muscle and Strength and finer retailers.