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Affiliate Program

Affiliate Program


Do you have a passion for fitness and sports? You don't have to be a bodybuilder or fitness competitor to be one of our Affiliates. Our Affiliates represent a wide range of activities including personal training, cross-fit, bodybuilding, fitness, equestrian, cycling, football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hunting, moto-cross, rugby and many others


What we ask of you

  • All AFFILIATES are asked to post twice a month on at least 2 PUBLIC social channels (one being IG and the other being FB, Twitter, Pinterest, or other).
  • All AFFILIATES are asked to post at least one video each month on at least 2 social channels (one being IG and other being FB and/or You Tube).
  • AFFILIATES are asked to wear, promote, and share American Metabolix product as often as convenient.
  • AFFILIATES are asked to interact, like, and comment within their own social media channels. Engagement is key.
  • We ask that all AFFILIATES include that they are American Metabolix AFFILIATES in their social media profiles along with your coupon code.
  • All AFFILIATES are asked to repost our giveaways that we run on all of our social media accounts and to not comment on our posts with their code.
  • All AFFILIATES are asked to use as many of our frequently used social hashtags, and we ask you to encourage your network to do the same: #amathlete #havok #ammuscle #AMSUPPS #americanmetabolix
  • All AFFILIATES are asked to repost and/or promote company driven specials and giveaways.
  • AFFILIATES may be asked from time to time to help with local events and/or expos.
  • AFFILIATES will contribute content (pictures, video, recipes) to American Metabolix Dropbox for personal and American Metabolix use.

What we do for you!


As an AFFILIATE you have the opportunity to earn big commissions with American Metabolix! We will pay you a commission to anyone you 'refer' that purchases our products or apparel on In addition all your referrals will receive a discount on all products on our WEB site. We automatically assign you a Coupon Code that you can use and give out to followers and clients. When someone purchases (using your coupon code) they receive a discount and you will earn a commission of whatever they purchased. You are automatically paid monthly through PayPal and you can check your sales anytime on our affiliate page.



As an added bonus, our affiliate page offers tips and training to help you boost your social media influence. The American Metabolix team will also pick the best videos, pictures and recipes from the Ambassadors and post them on the American Metabolix web site. We will also post banners and special deals on the site to further increase your selling potential.


We are committed to making this an amazing and rewarding experience. Your ongoing point of contact will be Logan Delgado (GoodyBeats)


Let's make it happen!! Welcome to the team!