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Why The Keto Diet Kills Your Heart

By: :Hailey Runowski 0 comments
Why The Keto Diet Kills Your Heart

Your ticker is almost the most important part of you. Disrespect it and it will bite back. Just ask the 655, 000 Americans who died from heart disease last year. Well, you can’t because they didn’t look after their internal engine. You already know this, which is probably why you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly so your body kicks ass. Every. Damn. Day. But what happens when the naysayers spit facts about keto being bad for you?

In your head you may counterbalance this by remembering the outcome would have been far worse had you carried on along the same trajectory. That said, this kind of keto trash-talk or media exposure can sow a seed of doubt in your mind. Keeping away from carbs is hard enough without a niggling suspicion about whether your efforts are worth it. The solution? Address it head on. Start with the headline you, or your friend, may have read.


It’s a legit study by Chinese researchers that was published in the journal Nature. They found disturbing evidence that being in ketosis can lead to arterial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat thanks to scarring of the heart. Scary stuff, right? This can mean poor cardiac health that may kill you sooner than you may have liked. Before you put down the steak and pick up a loaf of bread, it’s wise to break down the three elements of the study that should make you question its conclusions.

  1. It was done on rats. You don’t have a tail or fluffy ears.
  2. It hasn’t been replicated in other labs so there’s no telling if this was a one off.
  3. The rats didn’t eat a ketogenic diet. They were given ketones created in a lab to mimic ketosis.

These are some serious red flags that should put your mind at ease. Only once these three factors are addressed and ketosis is shown to damage people’s hearts in the long term, should your ears prick up and take notice.

The health of your heart is closely yoked to your bodyweight. The heavier you are, the harder your heart must work. What’s more, when ketones were given to people with cardiac disease, these supplements were proven to protect the heart, found a paper in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. These were on real people, not rodents. That said, these benefits were gained from a supplement and not from ketosis created by the body.

Ketogenic diets are high in protein and force you to cut out nutrient deficient processed foods, which can only be a good thing. Sticking to a diet with a high vegetable intake coupled with lean proteins, can reduce inflammation and the oxidative stress placed on your heart. Of course, it will also help you lose weight and gain muscle, provided you’re weight training regularly.

The take home message?

If you eat healthy foods, are seeing weight loss and feel high in energy then you’re clearly doing something that’s right for your body. Not every body will react the same to a keto diet. Some people may not feel great on it and find excuses for stopping. That’s their choice. Don’t let their opinions sway you from your purpose and goals. Embrace the facts. Stay diligent and embrace the vitality this way of eating will deliver to you.

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