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Stop Keto From Making Your Holes Stink

By: :Hailey Runowski 0 comments
Stop Keto From Making Your Holes Stink

Enjoying a ketogenic diet has so many positives. You’re energized. Leaner. Healthier. Happier. It’s hard not to shout about it to other people. Just don’t get too close when you do. It’s tempting to believe that this way of eating sees so many parts of you getting upgraded that this will follow on to your whole body. It doesn’t. Being in ketosis can make your breath stink like Mario’s moustache after a day in the real-world sewers. Sadly, the new stank is powerful enough to throw shade on your increasingly ripped rig. The mouth-based ketones are released when your body burns the stored fat are responsible for the pong. Going into ketosis by changing your diet means your body doesn’t have carbs as a fuel source, so you’re using fats and proteins for energy, which fuels the potency of the fireworks seeping from your grill.

The smelly side effects of being in ketosis don’t end there. Many people also report digestive distress where you find yourself gassing out those, you’re co-habituating with. Using the same mechanism that gives you keto-breath some dieters also notice a change in the conditions ‘down there.’ This can be thanks to the ketones being released through both exhalation and urination. In short, the process of burning your stored fat doesn’t smell great and, like a gas leak, this odor tries to creep out wherever it gets the opportunity. Worse still, unless you live with a younger brother who loves to tease you about the slightest fault, you probably don’t even notice your own stink. Luckily there is plenty you can do that’s over and above your normal dental hygiene routine.  

Increase water intake by a third

You should be aiming to drink a gallon of water each day. You may need to build up to this, but it should be a benchmark to strive toward. Add some alkalizing minerals to the mix to increase the amount of water you retain. Dehydration is a big factor in bad breath for anyone, not just those in ketosis. 


Brush your teeth three times per day

It’s worth doing it after each meal rather than just twice a day. Also focus on brushing your tongue or use a tongue scraper because that’s where most of the smell can stem from. 


Slightly increase your carb intake

You don’t want to take yourself out of ketosis but experiment with your daily carb intake to find a happy medium. A small 10g carb increase may offer some dietary flexibility and knock down the potency of the smell.


Change your diet

You can limit those trigger foods that cause odor flare ups. Look after your gut health with foods that support it, take probiotics and limit spicy foods. You can even lower your protein slightly depending on your goals so you find a happy medium.


Mints and gums might seem like the obvious solutions, but they’re often loaded with sugars and carbs that can kick you out of ketosis while the sugar free options can make you crave sugars. If you want something to chew then try natural herbs like fresh parsley because it will help you freshen up. This stinky affliction won’t last forever and should subside after a month so be diligent with these options and can soon stand your leaner self closer to everyone again.

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