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How Apple Cider Vinegar Destroys Your Ketosis

By: :Ryan Burnyeat 0 comments
How Apple Cider Vinegar Destroys Your Ketosis

Apple cider vinegar tastes delicious. Said no one ever. One sip is all it takes to make you generate an expression that looks like a haunted cave. The right way to drink it would be to pour it down the drain. Except you probably don’t because if you’ve perhaps heard that if you've got 99 problems then apple cider vinegar will probably fix at least 27 of them. But will it knock you out of ketosis?


Yes! But only If you couple it with inhumane levels of honey that would decimate bee populations in way that would make Roundup proud. Honey might be a wonderful natural sweetener, but it rolls with a lot of unwanted natural sugars that easily creep up on your carb totals for the day.


Fortunately, you can suck it up, pull your best cat-bum face and ‘enjoy’ the apple cider vinegar as a shot. It’s quick. Easy. Effective. Like swallowing a live toad, it’s best to start your day with this practice because everything thereafter seems comparatively easier. What about the hard numbers behind this arresting flavor?


Apple cider vinegar is completely keto friendly. You should be drinking it daily. A single tablespoon serving has a meagre 3 calories and only trace amounts of carbs that aren’t worth counting. You’re probably not surprised because carbs and sugars tend to make things taste good. Apple cider vinegar refuses to tick this box. The health benefits can be substantial. You’ll lower your blood sugar levels. Improve insulin sensitivity. Improve digestion. Feel energized. But what about fat loss? Yep, it does that too, but not in a ‘bro-science’ kind of way.


A paper in the Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry got people to drink 15ml of it every single day for 12 weeks people. The results? They had lower bodyweight, BMI, visceral fat area, waist circumference and serum triglyceride levels. These are some fancy sounding health markers but what about the end results? Well, they lost anywhere from 2-4lb without changing their diet or exercise routine in anyway. Not bad odds. These people even tortured themselves by diluting it with 500ml of water. They’re not sure how apple cider helped created this weight loss, but it may be because it increases fullness and improves your blood sugar stability. These are all the hallmarks of the things you want to happen when you’re eating a keto friendly food plan.


It’s not without its risks. To call it acidic is an understatement. It could probably clean a street penny into mint condition which means it’s not built to swizzle around your grill and let sit. Your teeth may take a beating from it so be sure to dilute it or brush directly afterwards. It’s also worth throwing a dash onto salads or substitute it in for any recipe that calls for vinegar. Also, it’s important to remember that more is not more effective. The sweet spot appears to be roughly 15ml, which is the afore mentioned tablespoon. Many people report having a second helping of it when a carb craving strikes. This may neutralize cravings which makes it a great way to stay on track, even if it does make you pull a face like a bulldog licking urine off a stinging nettle. Just make your crush isn’t watching.


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