8 Ways to Stay Healthy on 4th of July

8 Ways to Stay Healthy on 4th of July

Sunshine, fireworks, and time on the lake or at the park is the perfect way to spend your 4th of July. Your celebration will likely be filled with family, friends, and maybe even a parade or two, so the best way to stay healthy on July 4th is to plan ahead. There are a few you can enjoy Independence Day and not blow your healthy routine or feel drained from the sun by the time the fireworks show begins.

Start With Your Workout

If you're concerned the 4th of July festivities will get in the way of your daily workout, be sure to hit the gym early in the A.M. before the fun and games begin. You'll leave feeling energized for the day and won't skip a beat with your regime. 

Race Day

Another option to get in your workout is to stay active - 4th of July style. Communities often host 5K run / walk events on July 4th, offering a great way to stay active and get the whole family involved. Check out the Runner’s World website to find a race near you. 

Scope Out The Menu

Before you dive in to a plate full of potato salad, browse your menu options so you can select some lighter foods that won’t leave you feeling over indulged by the day’s end. Fruit salads, vegetables, and grilled chicken are great options for sticking to a lighter meal. If you want to be really safe, bring your own food within your diet plan to cook during the day.

Keep Dessert Colorful

One of the most popular July 4th desserts at any picnic or family gathering is the heaping bowl of neatly stacked strawberries, blueberries, and light whipped topping. It’s a festive way to enjoy a sweet snack but still stay on track!

Stay Hydrated

Whether the temperatures are soaring or you’re just staying active, you’ll want to stay hydrated all day. Be sure to pack plenty of water if you’re going out and pass on the sugary drinks that can give you a short-lived energy boost but leave you sluggish afterwards.

Wear Sunscreen

The sunscreen isn’t just for the pool. Protect yourself and your family while you’re outside playing yard games or bicycling. Studies show that sunburns increase risk of skin cancer by 12 times. Avoid the burn and apply throughout the day.

Clean The Grill

Make sure when you throw on the chicken or veggies, the grill is clean. Old food debris can be the perfect spot for bacteria and germs. After you’ve finished cooking, give the grill a gentle scrub so it’s clean for your next cookout.

Cold Food Cold

It can be easy to forget about food that’s sitting out on a picnic table or kitchen counter when you start playing games or watching fireworks. Be sure to keep the cold food cold and hot foods hot. Put the unused items back in the fridge or set them on ice, so no one gets sick.

Here’s to hoping you and your family have a safe and healthy 4th of July holiday!

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